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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shanghai Moon

Found and downloaded the audio book from local library last night. This is the latest in SJ Rozan's Lydia Chin/Bill Smith series. I was very impressed by the previous Rozan novel, Concourse, but this one I love. It is quite awesome!

The Bill Smith-centered novel has a completely different voice from the Lydia Chin-centered novel. The latter has a lot more humor and feminine perspective. Love, love, love it from the first chapter. It is ADORABLE! :D

(What joy it is to discover a new author and series to plunge into.)


CAVA said...

这么好的话,能不能写稍微详细点?我不怕剧透 :-)

Jun said...

Sure. I'll write a full review when I finish the book. It is the kind of books that you can't help but take to the toilet... :D

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