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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best! Comment! Ever!

To escape work for a few minutes, I got on Roger Ebert's blog and saw this comment:
(Inception is mind-tickling but not mind-blowing --- that's my assessment.)

David Farrell: While I enjoyed Inception greatly, I had one nagging question after I finished watching it, which is "What do the shared dreamers do if they want to, um, relieve themselves?" I mean, I guess it could be explained by the (spoiler) sedative, but if I'm on a 10 hour flight, I'm going to need to use the bathroom during that time. But, yeah, overall, I thought it was a brilliant, thought provoking film that dared to engage the minds of its audience, unlike the majority of films that Hollywood has been cranking out this year.

Ebert: Characters in movies never enjoy an ordinary pee. Toilets are for the purposes of stashing guns, killing people, overhearing conversations, Meet Cutes, escaping from the party, taking drugs, or fleeing through the window.

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