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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Duly Punished

The first chip in the domino effect was letting my bedtime schedule slip. The next one was, of course, being unable to get up in the morning to catch the subway to catch the bus. Consequently, I drove every day this week. Summer traffic is usually very light, so I had been able to minimize the time spent on the road for the past 2.5 days (Tue, Wed, Thu morning).

Of course, such good fortune never lasts in this area. This evening I was duly punished for not taking the metro/bus with a >2-hour drive home (one way). The Beltway outerloop allowed no more than 10 mi per hour for the entire stretch that I had to take. I didn't get home (bleary-eyed and p/o'ed) until nearly 8:30.

I think this is a sign from the higher power, whatever it may be, telling me to get my act together and go to bed early, and TAKE THE DAMNED METRO!


simon said...

moving closer to work?

Jun said...

I wish.

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