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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad Men: I'm getting a whiplash

Uh, no, not the voluntary slapping Don was asking for.

Yikes! Matt Weiner has some balls to throw cold water on fans who have been expecting some of the old routines. No such comfort, he warns. Prepare for the unexpected in Season 4.

So many snappy lines, so little time.

What an amazing season opening, which seems to be Weiner's proclamation that he will not give you what you want and demand. The ending of Episode 1 is a good example: Rather than dazzling the clients with his brilliance and winning them over, Don Draper kicks them out of the agency over creative differences. The atmosphere in SCDP is positively teetering on the edge of dramatic conflicts and literal fistfights.

I can't wait.

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