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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Con Te Partiro

A very popular Italian song that made Andrea Bocelli an international star. Oddly enough, according to wiki, the song was not well received in Italy. Of course, one cannot always believe wiki.

Funny though that the English version, which was sung in duet with Sarah Brightman, is titled "Time to Say Goodbye." The meaning is the opposite of the Italian title -- I leave with you. The whole song keeps saying, I set off into the world with you by my side and "You are my sun" (recall the famous Italian old song "O Sole Mio"/"My Sun").

贴个 YouTube 上的带歌词儿的版本

一会 mio sole, 一会儿 mia luna 的,好老派的情话呀。笑,真可爱。


CAVA said...

Maybe it was too "pop" in flavour to the Italians.

Not sure if the duet version is any better. I am not that keen on Sarah Brightman

Jun said...

It occurred to me too, but I don't have the impression that Italians are particularly "high brow" or snobby. In fact, I have heard that Italian opera is "popular music" to Italians. O Sole Mio is quite pop melody-wise as well -- It was a popular song in its time. Con Te Partiro was written entirely by Italian songwriters and was not produced in order to wow the English-speaking market. I have to wonder how many other similarly enjoyable Italian "pop" songs that have not been "discovered."

Jun said...

Anyway, I don't know anything about Italian music, opera, or music in general. Just idle speculations and scraps I heard from other people. I think it was Frances Coppola who said (in The Godfather DVD commentary, probably) that Italian opera is traditionally popular entertainment for the populice. I'm sure he was not thinking of Wagner...

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