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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stephen McCauley

决定看 Man of the House,一翻开就咕咕笑起来,不过不是 LOL 而是 belly laugh。上次读 The Object of My Affection 是太久之前了,有点忘记他的俏皮话风格。中间的这两年,我已经习惯了 David Sedaris 的调调。

I'd moved in with [roommate] Marcus two years earlier, after the breakup of a relationship, desperately longer for and dreading privacy. There's a fine line between the goregous luxury of not having to account for your time and the loneliness of knowing that no one cares what the hell you do with it, and some days ---most days, I suppose---I wasn't sure which side of it I was on.

正好下个月要去波士顿,McCauley 小说里一贯的波士顿环境帮我培养下气氛。他的小说就是那种没什么情节,都是生活琐事和细腻观察那种类型,加上他的逗人妙语。

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