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Monday, September 14, 2009


Juan Martin del Potro defeated Roger Federer tonight in a fabulous 5-setter at the US Open final. The kid is only 20 years old! He reminds me of Marat Safin winning his first (and only) US Open also at the age of 20, beating an aging giant Pete Sampras, in 2000.

JMDP is so tall but moves so well, and so talented. A beautiful backhand that got Rafa's shorts all bunched up, and a snappy forehand that had Fed crawling all over the court. I have heard people talk about him being "the next big thing" for this whole year, and finally he delivers.

He is shy, unassuming, and very cute off the court, but totally poised and calm throughout the entire competition. He is also the first player to beat both Nadal and Federer in one tournament! A new era dawns. Here come the young'uns!

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