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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tantalizing gossips

Frankly, I don't know why I'm even writing this down. Shame on me.

Rumor has it that the 2009 US Men's Champion Jeremy Abbott dated and was later dumped by Drew Meekins, who had previously dated and then dumped the 3-time US Men's Champion Johnny Weir. Who the f_ck is Meekins? A mere pairs skater with no particular fame, yet apparently is absolutely irresistible and has an impressive posse of admirers and defenders.

The female version of Meekins might be the Canadian pairs skater Jessica Dube, who looks cute and wholesome. Nobody would suspect her for such a lethal seductress by just looking at her. Yet she has already caused at least one barfight between two top Canadian male skaters --- her own pairs partner Bryce Davison and the top Canadian ice dancer Scott Moir. Then there are rumors that she is "quite a player" and has been messing around with others in the skating circle, including the past world champion David Pelletier. Unfortunately Bryce Davison is still holding a torch for her, which has made their working partnership a big mess. Ironically --- or perhaps deliberately --- their freeskate was "Carmen" last year and "The Way We Were" this year. Art imitating life, as they say.

There are more bizarre and dramatic nuggets in Jessica Dube's personal history. Quick, someone make a TV series about her! The girl lives on the edge --- the blade's edge!

Dube & Davison

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CAVA said...

Everybody loves a bit of gossip :-)

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