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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow White

Why oh why are fairy tales always so damned illuminating? Yikes!

See Grimm's Little Snow White, Translator's notes #2:

Some differences between the edition of 1812 and later versions:

Beginning with the edition of 1819, the Grimms add the statement that Snow-White's mother died during childbirth, and that her father remarried. In the first edition, presumably the version closest to its oral sources, Snow-White's jealous antagonist is her own mother, not a stepmother.

Are you fucking kidding me? It makes so much sense!

I wish I was a fairy tale historian or somethin'.


talich said...

The link leads to an Error: 404

Jun said...

耶?好奇怪,从 Google 搜出来可以直接上 UPitt 的网页,但是 copy 链接到 blog 上就是 404。

Talich 同学的网站修好了没?这两天都上不去。

talich said...

Bruno Bettelheim 说过,在童话里,继母和母亲是一个人,代表儿童成长的不同阶段时和母亲和关系。

Bruno Bettelheim,The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales, Knopf, New York, 1976. ISBN 0394497716

我是听 MIT open course 的心理课讲 Freud 那堂时听那老师推荐的,确实精采。推荐一听。整个心理课都很好,一直是 MIT 最受欢迎课程之一,老师因为教太好了,结果没拿到 tenure,只好去 Harvard 了。

我博客里曾提过两段。可惜网站更新,我也不知道还要等多久。现在就偶尔在 知乎 网上说两句。等恢复了再通知你吧。

Jun said...

我找到 Paul Bloom 的 MIT 讲心理课的视频,你说的是那个么?听口音他是加拿大人?

talich said...

应该是 Jeremy Wolfe

talich said...

blogger 不用这样吧,我就是想修改一下,发现改不了,只能删了,结果就在上面留这么大个疤。

Jun said...


Jun said...

Fi fa fo fum, let's microwave the little bum. LOL.

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