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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


One of the most mind tickling phenomena is some people's mystery of the heart. There is no explaining why some people are the way they are.

A few years ago I had a colleague named Barbara. She is one of the prettiest women I have met in real life, with the same colors as Snow White: her skin white as snow, her lips red as blood, and her hair black as the ebony wood, with a couple of dimples in her cheeks thrown in as bonus. In a word, she looks like a doll.

During an after-work happy-hour gathering, as we shared our hobbies, Barbara announced that her passion was horror movies. She and her husband were life-long horror movie aficionados and liked them the bloodier the better. The Ring was OK, but their favorite was the original Friday the 13th. They had collected a houseful of videos of horror movies from all over the world, according to her, and their favorite pass-time on weekends was to watch some of these videos together. That is so romantic.

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