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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Brits and the Swedes

The wide-eyed and soft-spoken Andrew Buchan is rather more lively and animated than the gawky Peter Eggers, but I just cannot warm to Lindsey Marshal in contrast to the luminous and earthy Linda Zilliacus (in fact Marshal's character annoys me). Alun Armstrong's acting is matched by few, but, with the unfortunate disadvantage of not being Swedish, he is not nearly as adorable and funny as Joel Spira's Freund. Rupert Graves has deteriorated from a lovable buffoon in Season 1 to a cardboard villain in Season 2, thus rendering the character significantly inferior to Chief Wahlstedt in the Swedish series.

Generally, I find the divorce proceedings throughout Garrow's Law Season 2 altogether tiresome and of much less interest than the running subplot of violent and radical revolutionaries in Anno 1790. Divorce or revolution? There is no contest!

Both series are excellent. Well written and produced, with palpable relevance to today's legal and social situation. Indeed, Garrow's Law reminds us that Texas in 2012 is essentially no less barbaric, unjust, and cruel than 18th century England.

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