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Friday, February 17, 2012

Not True, Not True

Why do people hate Rap & Opera?

Because appreciating rap & opera requires too much effort? Really?

This argument feels so intuitively wrong, although I have no idea how to disprove it.

NPR Music postings do not usually get more than 10 comments on the Web site, but this one got nearly 200! Perhaps they posted this article just to provoke people and see whether people really visit their Web site.

I don't hate opera. In fact I was into Puccini once. Rap is really not my cup of tea, but that can be easily explained by the lack of melody.

When I was younger, I consumed lots of popular music as much as any other youth, but as an older person I am bored with most pop, not necessarily because my taste has become more sophisticated, but rather because (I suspect) I've heard too much already of something that has not much left to surprise me with delight. Of course, occasionally someone like Adele comes along and does surprise and delight everyone, and I'm not too snobby to appreciate that. But in general I'm just bored with music that does not surprise me any more.

Another bizarre turn of my taste is that I am increasingly preferring instrumental to vocal music. I am baffled and have no theory to explain it.


CAVA said...

In recent years I've always preferred instrumental music. Don't know why though.

Hmm the new double word captcha on Blogger is really difficult to decipher.

Jun said...

我觉得器乐比较复杂,range广,而且很多部分和chords混在一起的效果,人声很难与之相比,哪怕是 chorus。

Jun said...

Well, actually, as I am listening to Luciana Souza's bossa nova, I have to take back what I wrote above. Complexity is not necessarily better. Simplicity of sound can be utterly intoxicating and hypnotic. I don't know. I readlly don't.

talich said...

Puccini 是二流作曲家。哈哈。

Jun said...


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