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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rene Balcer!!!

I'll blog about him more later.

After returning to Law & Order (mothership series) as the showrunner, the boss, the chief editor, Balcer is again slipping his favorite themes into the episodes. Last night's episode again focuses on mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder. Next week's episode seems to be about schizophrenia.

Then he piled on another personal insterest -- Chinese antique artifacts. This time the object is a brozen bear from the West Han Dynasty. Gee, were there bears and artifacts depicting bears way back when? I don't know. It is rather cute and cuddly. I am almost certain the idea was inspired by the recent hoopla about the Yuanmingyuan broze statuettes.

He is so funny. I love him.


li said...

胆战心惊的说,被Jun同学这么一宣传,我大概一辈子都没胆儿看Law and Order,好可怕呀。


Jun said...

是啊,就是昨晚的一集。这位老兄平时很喜欢收集中国古董。主要是那个铜熊有点象被拍卖的两个圆明园的铜兽首(不过更加生动可爱一点),我想他一定对那件事了如指掌啦,顺手自己在节目里玩玩。为了设计一个高价品,还胡说是西汉的。过去他在 L&O: CI 系列上当 show runner 时特地写过一集关于中国古董的案子,还摆出青铜马车和唐三彩,估计是他家里的玩具。

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