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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Dance With Dragons

第一章里,最接近作者代言人的 Tyrion Lannister 感叹自己做过的梦:

He had dreamed enough for one small life. And of such follies: love, justice, friendship, glory. As well dream of being tall.

Tyrion 在书里的最后一章则有呼应的一段:

Penny looked as though she was about to cry. "Last night I dreamed my brother was alive again. We were jousting before some great lord, riding Crunch and Pretty Pig, and men were throwing roses at us. We were so happy ..."

Tyrion slapped her. ... "If you want to dream, go back to sleep," he told her.

管它龙不龙的,在很多地方 GRRM 与 Graham Greene 和 Stephen Sondheim 可以说是同一类人,一边 humanistic,一边直面惨淡的人生。相比之下 Tolkien 和 C.S. Lewis 什么的都还属于做梦的那一种人。可是,让我想不通的事情是,为啥英国作家看上去就那么深沉的样子,而美国作者即使思想也很深沉,看上去却总是邋邋遢遢的涅?




talich said...

因为 Tolkien 那个时代的人相信 Summum bonum 对于生命的必要性,无论有神论还是无神论者。

CAVA said...

当代的英国作家象Graham Greene, Ian Fleming这样有型有款的也少啦。

Jun said...

不看哲学的我得查字典才知道 Summum bonum 是啥意思。不过,同时代的毛姆和马克吐温都是不信这玩意儿的。瞧瞧,毛姆比马克吐温也会打扮多了!

眼下的英国著名文人我很不熟,只知道让我厌恶的 Martin Amis 和不以为然的 Ian McEwan。

talich said...

好吧,因为 Tolkien 是写童话的。就所你心里黑色,看上去也要健康向上吧。

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