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Monday, February 14, 2011


My boss has a reputation.

In a large organization like this, people tend to float from one corner to another, and carrying with them gossips and rumors. So long-timers of any consequence (i.e., power) all have their own reputations. As we Chinese say, "Good words goes no further than the door, but bad words have wings and spread like a plague."

Some months ago, someone from another department interviewed for a position in our department. After the interview she respectfully withdrew her application. A few weeks ago I ran into her in the elevator and we chatted a bit. Without my asking she volunteered the reason for her withdrawal.

"Your boss has a reputation," she shrugged.

I nodded encouragingly.

"Everyone I know told me she has a reputation and discouraged me from working for her," she said.

I smiled a noncommittal smile.

Apparently, the interview with the boss confirmed her worries and led to the withdrawal. Nevertheless, several months later, she wanted to ask me about the specifics of my job. She admitted that she is considering re-applying for our vacancy, which had remained vacant since. One need not be a psychic to know that the condition in her own department has become so intolerable that even the reputation is insufficient to deter her from jump from the boiling pot to the frying pan.

Unfortunately, managers who have a reputation are everywhere.


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Jun said...

This place is such a farce! If I weren't working here I would find it enormously hilarious!

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