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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Nathan Chen: At the grand old age of 11, Nathan is not only a 2-time national Novice champion, but also trains in gymnastics, ballet, and plays hockey and the piano.

Jason Brown: In his first year competing on the senior level, 16-year-old Jason Brown placed 9th overall in an extremely competitive field, without a triple Axel but with possibly the best musicality and one of the best skating skills among the best U.S. male skaters.

Emmanuel Savary: He is 13 and has a solid triple flip-triple toe loop combination jump. He competed on the junior level for the first time at this Nationals and placed a very respectable 5th among much-bigger young men 17-20 years old. Both he and his brother/coach are avid figure skating fans --- They watched more practices and competitions during the Nationals than I did.

Besides the athleticism and high quality, they are all so adorable. :D Link

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