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Monday, November 22, 2010

Maltese Falcon

Listening to Maltese Falcon on the subway this morning, I was suddenly swept up in a current of curiosity -- What exactly was the world like? In some sense the 1920s was perhaps the best time in American history. The rest is crap in various ways. An impulse to read up every fiction and nonfiction that describe life in this era, and the movies too, surged inside. Ah, I wish I was a student at Oxford's history department in Connie Willis' time traveling universe, and my thesis would surely be New York or Chicago (or Hollywood?) in the 1920s.

(MF was published in 1930.)


Barbara said...


Jun said...

The Roaring Twenties. It was the last flash before darkness, the best time of the capitalistic world.

no-one said...


Jun said...

好像只有Humphrey Bogart那一个电影版吧?没听说有其他版本。(IMDB上有个1931年出的,恐怕根本租不到录影带或者DVD。)不过Bogie那版我也没看过,据说是经典。

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