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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Moffat's not-quite-successful miniseries.

The problem is the tone. Is it horror? Comedy? Horrible comedy? Comical horredy?

Some funny bits here and there. James Nesbitt looks like he was having a grand fun time playing Jekyll and Hyde.

Clearly Moffat loves smart, powerful, tough-minded women. It must be so nice to marry into a two-generation TV producer family: Beryl and Sue Vertue. They can produce your scripts if they like them! If they don't like them, you just whisper tenderly into Sue's ear on the pillow.

第五集(共六集)里有一段闪回到188X年的爱丁堡,Dr. Jekyll (Nesbitt) 跟老友 Robert Louis Stevenson 讨论自己的个案,RLS 写的故事,以及令医生变成 Mr. Hyde 的密药。镜头一转,留着两撇胡子的 Stevenson 不是别人,正是 Moffat 的死党 Gatiss 又跑来插一脚打酱油,还装腔作势地对着手绢儿咳嗽两声,表示 RLS 患有肺结核。Gatiss 跟 Nesbitt 两个人都在跟不三不四的苏格兰口音挣扎。我笑得倒地不起。

Jekyll 剧中还有一点令人联想到 Sherlock 结尾的段落,可见那个“一堆红点点”的主意是从 Moffat 那里来的。


Gatiss said in Daily Beast (about Sherlock):

“We are precisely as respectful and reverential as Sherlock Holmes’ creator was, i.e., not。” “But that comes from a place of love. He used to write the stories in crowded rooms. The reason for all the wonderful, odd continuity errors—like Professor Moriarty having the same Christian name as his brother or how Watson’s wound keeps moving—was because he dashed them off. He was a genius so therefore his version of dashing it off is rather amazing. We wanted to get that sort of fun back.”

Knowing that he thought about this inconsistency helps sustain my suspicion (and hope?) that they will do something about this Brother Jim business.

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