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Friday, October 15, 2010


Just heard about and subsequently looked up this miniseries on Youtube. Written by Steve Moffat and based on, of course, RLS's novel. Starring James Nesbitt.

Apparently this was another modernizing effort by Moffat before he tackled RLS's buddy. Quite interesting. I've added it to my Netflix queue.

Nesbitt is very good, but I'm a bit disappointed that he did not get a Scot to play this role. Not too scrupulous about details are we?


CAVA said...

I've heard that the story might have been inspired by certain Edinburgh characters and events, but is the novel actually set in Scotland?

Jun said...

The story itself was set in London, but in the TV series, they actually mentioned that Jekyll was from Edinburgh. So he apparently is supposed to be Scottish (a nod to the author?). Nesbitt is Irish.

Jun said...

But Nesbitt was very impressive acting-wise (hope he won an award for the performance). So I suppose it was totally worth it casting him in this dual role.

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