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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Second Sketch of the Earnest Doc

It is 4 pm and my brain is mush.

Somehow I ended up working on another project with the earnest Dr. MH at the head of the table. Poor thing is so tightly wound (or, as some say, urgently need to have the stick taken out of his a**). Every member of the team giggled at one point or another during the meeting. Yes, he is a pain in our a**, but I think we all know that he is a nice guy at heart and cannot help being a neurotic. So we forgive him and indulge him.


CAVA said...

Hehe, you also have your "Alberto" moment. Maddening but what can you do about him?

Jun said...

Yeah, he's not too bad, just neurotic and over-controlling. But, unlike Alberto, he is the medical team leader, so he is in charge of the entire review.

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