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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Christopher Hitchens may have won Roger Ebert's admiration and sympathy for being a fierce dying intellectual, but I just find him tiresome. I can't waste my short, limited life on reading things that I find silly and ridiculous.

It's like people somehow believe a beautiful person must be good. Just because some people have a talent for stringing words together in a powerful and persuasive and seductive way to stir up many people's feelings and the urge to agree with him, it does not make them any less silly and ridiculous. Tiresome, tiresome, tiresome.

Sorry he has cancer and is suffering and is scared that he will soon die. But he is not any less tiresome because of that. The more he is convinced of his own righteousness the more I find him utterly dull. I don't wish him ill but I do find the pomposity of these intellectuals so tiresome.


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