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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Copenhagen cuisine

Had dinner at Nyhavn last night and lunch at National Museum cafeteria today. The food is very good, much better than I remembered from 12 years ago. However, 12 years ago I hadn't the money to eat at such fancy places. Have a very modern, fusion feel. Organic ingredients are touted by chefs and menus. Simplisity seems to be the dominant approach. Good seafood. Still, I have to complain about the price. Ah, only in one place in the world can one find gastronomic ecstacy in any dingy little corner deli for a pittance.

Had excellent fried fish and fish soup in Ystad last Saturday. (Thanks to Barb's recommendations.) Good coffee everywhere.

Another significant change is the large number of Chinese and sushi restaurants in tourist areas. I won't have the chance to try and see if Chinese food here is now finally edible. I am fairly agnostic about the meal plan for the next 2 days, but my fellow traveler insists on doing local cuisine, which is fine, all fine.

At the moment I am sitting in the breathtaking Royal Library by the cannal between the city and Christianhavn. Known as the Black Diamond, the stylish, futuristic new half of the building was finished in 1999 and is joined with the older building. It is full of glass and open space, letting in warm glow of the afternoon. The riverview is so romantic.


CAVA said...

Mmm I have a fond memory of the Black Diamond, viewed from the canal cruise.

Love Copenhagen but the cost of everything! So excruciatingly expensive...

But do enjoy whatever you can, after all you are not there every other week :) Perhaps except the Chinese or Japanese food though, they are a long way from authenticity.

How is your cold, all gone?

CAVA said...

"... which is fine, all fine. " ... saw an alternative version of this line in the pilot of "A Study in Pink" on DVD today. Endless fun!

Jun said...

Thanks. My cold is gone but now he has a cold. What an unfortunate trip.

Jun said...

Still, we've had some good fun.

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