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Thursday, October 22, 2009


今天下午去打敏感针,完了之后溜过去拜访上次去过的旧书店。店主老头儿仍然窝在书堆中间的那个小坑里,不过今天多了个女孩子,黄头发,瘦瘦的,年纪很轻,坐在那里整理乱七八糟满坑满谷的旧书。两个人嘀嘀咕咕地讨论什么作者目录之类,名字全是没听说过的,老头倒罢了,小女孩流利对答,显然是个 bookworm in the making。真是两个外星人,我好想加入他们的物种,除了书,什么都不干,什么都不想,吃喝住行全在书堆里, breathe the musty air and eat the crumpling pages。


书架上到处贴了歪歪扭扭手写的纸片儿,除了按名索引,ABCDE 的字母以外,还有些 "Lot 'a Melville", "Millers all on top", 和 "Maupassant to the right"之类的小标签。居然被我找到一本Sarah Waters的近期小说 The Night Watch,顺手拎了下楼付钱。他的收据都是手写的,包括书名,潦草的手笔。书桌上当然堆满了书,不过上面还竖着几本儿疑似招牌的书。赫然看见 Ann Coulter 一张脸占领的封面,心里还有点奇怪,凑上去看她脸下贴的纸片儿,上书: Watch out! Her (his) Adam's Apple was airbrushed out. 逗得我咯咯傻笑。跟老头套近乎:

I: Have you been here for a long time?
He: 15 years! We have been here 15 years. Where have YOU been?
I: I ... uh, I've been around. But I don't live in this neighborhood.
He: Yes! I've had the store for 15 years here, waiting for you to come in.


I: You've got a lot of books here.
He: Yeah, they've been waiting for you to buy them. (another wink)
I: Hehe ... I'd need to buy a store for myself just to house all these books then.
He: Why not? We need more bookstores.

我笑着跟他道别。出门时赫然看见门上边贴一张横幅: "Book Thieves Will Be Deconstructed!"

15 年,想必是他退休之后拿起来的第二职业。


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An electronic book would be useful if I'm going on a long trip and may finish a whole book before coming home. Carrying 2 books would take up too much room in the carryon. Otherwise, I prefer paper too. Bookstores, especially old book stores, are my natural habitat.

Jun said...

It would be so sad if real bookstores were to disappear and be replaced by online bookstores! A bookstore is a place where members of the same species form a community even though they do not talk to each other. It's my favorite place in the world and always makes me feel warm, calm, safe, and happy.

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