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Sunday, June 10, 2012


I'm not even going to dignify a photo of this movie. What a load of crap. If one wants to steal and plagiarize 2001, try to plagiarize! Don't dumb it down to a fraction (less than 1/100) of the intelligence of 2001. This is proof positive that Americans in 2012 is much, much stupider than Americans in 1968. In turn it is proof positive that the American science education has seriously fucked up for the past 45 years and is sliding farther downhill as we speak.

Do these people even know what the fuck DNA is? It is a bad sign that the screenwriters were too lazy to even look up or make up a name for the star system of the spaceship's destination. (Yeah, yeah, I know the moon has a code. What of it?)

Perhaps the most hilarious part of the movie is how plastic and ridiculous the "gods" look. And they look stupid. Even the Nazi biologists knew that they needed a biological weapon that would target the brown people but spare themselves. Pu-leeez. No surprise then that the aliens are all Nazi-white. Hell, my ancestors had nothing to do with those white-ass aliens. Thanks but no thanks. The Nazi association hit me again looking at the (bottle-)blond David Fassbender and Charlize Theron walk around the movie with their icy faces for most of the movie. American movies and television have increasingly become progressively white-flooded in the past 20 years that I've been watching them. I wonder when I'll finally reach the puking point. Getting close though.

As we walked out of the theater I complained about how incredible --- incredibly stupid, that is --- the movie is. Sam said with his usual deadpan, "We don't go see this kind of movie for scientific validity. It's all about the slithering tentacles."

"And slime," I added.

"Yes, it's all about the tentacles and slime." He said. "But there is nothing scary about tentacles. We can eat them."

"Yes, like squid." I said.

That's all what it's good for, stir-fry tentacles.


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Phoenix 电影票这么便宜!只有我们这里的一半。

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