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Friday, October 7, 2011

Miles Davis

In general I'm drawn first and foremost to piano, sometimes to bass, and am very rarely affected deeply by any of the brass.

Yet, listen to this Davis' rendition of "Round About Midnight" (Thelonious Monk's standard). It is soooooo intimate, so raw but tender. I'm so taken by his trumpet portion that I have tears in my eyes. It is not to say John Coltrane's tenor sax in the second half is any less, but it is just not as personal and vulnerable as the first half and the ending.

Now I want to get Davis' recordings.

Here is a piano version by Monk himself. Also beautiful.


talich said...

you can try spotify then.

Jun said...

Spotify 上的音乐是可以免费下载的么?不是违法的吧?

talich said...

spotify 上的东西当然是合法的。

不过要离线播放,要一个月 $10 的那种账户。

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