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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chinese fake chicken

I cook, sometimes.

Yesterday I scoured the frig and dug out the last bits of groceries since the shopping trip 2 weeks ago.

I chopped up the green beans and shiitake mushroom into short strips, saute with garlic, added water and covered to steam a while, and then threw in chopped pieces of a wrinkly tofu product known as "vegetarian chicken".

Salt, pepper, a bit of soy sauce, a couple of tablespoons of sugar should do. I dropped a scoop of "lemongrass sauce" from a jar for improvisational fun.

It probably needed five more minutes to soften a bit more, but I lost patience and turned the gas off. Served on white rice.

Lemongrass sauce

Store-bought fake chicken (not my photo).


CAVA said...

I've seen plenty of Lee Kum kee sauce but not Lemongrass. Is it nice?

Jun said...

The flavor is quite mild. I like it. Beats making my own lemongrass sauce ...

sunset said...

A couple of tablespoonful of sugar...that was quite a lot! You must be from JiangZhe-Shanghai area.

Jun said...

Not I, but yes my mother is.

BTW the sugar was not a lot in proportion to the amount of main ingredients.

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