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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So Good!

I don't read about music and I'm no Bach fan, but I am so delighted by Jeremy Denk's writing that I have to link to his guest blogs on NPR's site about the "Goldberg Variations." They are clever and hilarious.


CAVA said...


Jun said...

Goldberg Variations 本身就挺长的,我还没从头到尾听过一遍呢。

CAVA said...

今天做饭切了一堆土豆丝胡萝卜丝,一边听了Goldberg Variations的前几段,快节奏的片段很合拍呢,哈哈哈。

严肃点说,我还蛮喜欢它充满喜悦地耐心地一点点变化过来,没觉得闷。如果没记错的话,电影The English Patient里Hannah在废墟堆中发现旧钢琴,顺手弹出的正是这一曲,选得非常合适。

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