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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Dream

I stood inside an office building, waiting for my friend, Eve, to come out and have lunch together. Through the floor-to-ceiling glass wall was a panoramic view of the river. Eve was walking down the lobby toward me when the light changed, and suddenly we saw each other's face covered with a blue sheen. We turned toward the wall and saw the sky turning into a deep, dark shade of blue.

We ran outside and stood on the river bank. The entire world was bathed in an eerie blue light. People gathered around in stunned silence. As we looked up, everyone's face glowed in an intense blue-white light, as if having absorbed and then emitting a high-energy pulse, as if we had entered a photograph-developing dark room, except the color was blue. Before us, the wide river flowed calmly. In a gentle breeze, the ripples flickered blue with dark, glistening peaks. 

Someone beamed a flashlight into the sky. The beam of light touched an invisible ceiling somewhere above and was swallowed whole, leaving only a flat, small, white disk, like a paper cutout with little holes within. A few more such disks appeared in the sky. They floated silently and slowly, like snowflakes that never fall to the ground. Soon, more white pieces began to appear. They all seemed two dimensional, like paper cutouts with intricate patterns. One looked like a butterfly. Another looked like a fish with holes for scales. They drifted weightlessly, icy and indifferent, in the starless sky.

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