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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Il Giovane Montalbano

Much unexpected, the father-son relationship in the series brought me to tears in the last two episodes. It must have come straight from Camilleri's own life, because it is just too true and raw and so uncharacteristically restrained (for an Italian production). So this is why Montalbano could not face his father's death in one of the novels and had to hide in a remote hotel and stuff his face with the best food one can find in Sicily, cooked by an ex-convict. When grief strikes, one always has good food, eh?

Usually I'm suspicious of sequels and prequels, but this one is beautifully done.


CAVA said...

Now I'm most curious! 剧透一下?

昨晚放了Potter's Field一集,Montalbano一个人出去躲静,就是住的这间旅馆。然后被一同钓鱼的哲学教授看出心事,终于肯承认想念父亲。


Jun said...

不能剧透哇,剧透了再看就没有效果和力量了啊。这套六集剧还挺值得看看的,不比原版差,大概因为 Camilleri 自己参与剧本/故事的缘故。据说有一些 Montalbano 短篇小说,没翻成英文。

CAVA said...

我兴致勃勃上来看剧透,结果看不着 :-)

Jun said...

我们这里都有卖 DVD 了,BBC 肯定也快播出了吧?对了,Riondino 貌似还因为这个剧得了什么奖,一定会在你们那里播出的!如果不播,明年我来英国当面告诉你。:)

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