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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Small and Large

I cannot call it a type, as I know only two people who appear to have this trait. Both have excellent, perhaps photographic memories. One person said she could "see," in her mind, page after page of textbooks that she had read once or twice, and recite the words on each page. Another is able to recount minute details of events that have occurred years ago. Both people are patently intelligent and fundamentally decent people. 

And both share another curious trait: They seem to have a certain difficulty in making logical connections between ... things, or seeing patterns. For example, Person A continually forwarded me right-wing-religious-nutcase lies and rumors she got from her right-wing-religious-nutcase friends. The first few times, I took the trouble to search for Internet explanations and debunk the lies to send her. But she has shown no evidence to wise up and stop being so routinely trusting toward her RWRN friends and still forwards me these lies occasionally. On the one hand, I can see that she gets it that I don't like this kind of lies and rumors and refrains from sending them to me after a while. On the other hand, from casual chats, she apparently still believes such lies herself. Is it merely an issue of being gullible?

Person B gave a similar impression through different situations. Person B and I have a mutual friend Person C, and we all knew each other for several years. Then Person C drifted away from our lives. One day Person B told me she saw Person C's online postings there and there. I went to take a look and realized immediately that these postings were made by a person of the same name, as the "voice" and character/attitude seeping through the words had no resemblance to the Person C I knew. In fact, C has a distinctive personality that is not easy to mistaken.

Association. In the spectrum of the mind's ability to make associations between things and seeing patterns, I am near one end and they are near the other, neither appear to affect one's "intelligence" in the ordinary sense. I am prone to conspiracy theories, but they can't connect the dots.

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