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Friday, January 6, 2012

Should I read it?

I had never heard of The Marriage Plot until today, when I heard someone complaining that it is a fake satire of east-coast intelligentsia and that she (the complainer) feels like punching the protagonist in the face. Apparently it is about 3 graduate students at Brown and full of references that flood every university English department. I read a few reviews on Amazon and, oddly enough, a curiosity for the novel is creeping into my brain! Yuck! OK, I'm too stingy to shell out for this but maybe I'll go to a bookstore and scan it a bit.

Sigh, if bookstores are all gone, where will I sponge a few pages here and there of books I have no intention to buy?!

On a separate occasion I heard the phrase "post-modern pastiche." Hmpf. :P

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