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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sherlock s2e3 (climax)

Well, I have only myself to blame to re-watch the climactic rooftop scene. My oh my there are so many bugs crawling out of the script it makes me itch.

Worst of all the bugs is perhaps the suicide. All 3 assassins are not constantly staring at the rooftop of St. Bart, are they? How the heck would they know whether and when they should pull the trigger, perhaps within the next 3 minutes? If not in the next 3 minutes, then SH could immediately contact people (most reliably Mycroft), to dismantle the risks (but first I suggest throwing Jim's body over in his coat just to cause a bit confusion). And have I ever seen worse nonsense than "oh, so you are me after all"! If he were you, why are you so eager to kill yourself, eh? The game would be back on. Aren't you curious how he's going to make you talk? You've found your twin and life is again meaningful and fun. And then this: I am no Sherlock Holmes but I would certainly ask the most important question --- Why the hell should I kill myself at your request, my dear Jimbo? What will stop you from killing the hostages (since this is a typical hostage situation) anyway after I have so gladly obeyed your instruction? Should I trust you to keep your word and leave them alone? Isn't that a joke! You've proven how "changeable" you were last year. So, no, go fuck yourself. Bring on something worth bargaining before we talk.

It is in a way ironic, for it was Dr. Doyle's detective who first instilled in me, at the age of 12, the importance of logic and motives.

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