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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Now You See Me

While the hubby was watching "Man of Steel," I sneaked into another theater and watched half of "Now You See Me." The movie is a bit stupid and irritating, but a couple of people in the movie I found utterly fascinating.

One is Jesse Eisenberg. I'd never seen his movies before (not even "The Social Network") but seen his face here and there. Now he seems to have lost the baby fat on his face that the cheekbones and chin are so sharp they might give you a paper cut with merely a peck on the cheek. It's almost like within a year or two his face transformed from a forgettable one to one that stabs me in the eye. Ouch!

The other person that fascinates is Boaz Yakin. Such an unusual name would stick in your memory for years, and his has in mine since the first time I saw "Fresh" in the 1990s, which he wrote and directed when he was very young. It was an extraordinary little movie about ... a boy playing chess with drug dealers and gangsters. Over the years he has written and directed an interesting mixture of movies with varying degrees of success. His name was listed with a couple of others as the screenwriters for this movie. Can't say the end product is a success, but perhaps his draft was better.


Surprise. Not only is Eisenberg a playwright, but he loves Stephen Sondheim. Huh. 

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