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Saturday, May 25, 2013

And He is Right

Rite of Spring produced by Joffrey Ballet

 Leonard Bernstein on Rite of Spring:

Bernstein's ideas about The Rite of Spring may come as a surprise. He didn't think of it as being all that radical.

"It's extremely tonal, despite all the talk about barbaric dissonance," he told Humphrey Burton in an interview included on this . "It is also extremely tuneful and dancy, rhythmically seductive, beguiling."

Seated at the piano for the interview, Bernstein dissects the jabbing chords near the beginning of The Rite, demonstrating how they are perfectly normal, just stacked in such a way that "makes a marvelous kind of savage sound."

"The minute you analyze these sounds," Bernstein says, "you find that they are traceable to the 19th century or even 18th century — the basic classical roots of tonal music."


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