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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Tyrant

There is a reason he is loved and hated by many. He's 87 and runs 8 companies, flying around the world in his private jet. He is the worst kind of workaholic. Power has accentuated his temper. Tell him something he does not want to hear, and watch his face turns the color of raw pork liver. He is prone to angry rants made scarier than it really is had he not been rich and powerful.

His wife is 35 years his junior, just young enough to barely keep up with his manic tendencies. He had married half and dozen times, being easily bored and distracted. His moods can shift rapidly. He is able to pat someone on the back minutes after yelling at them. Many find his charisma and dominence irrisistible.

He struck up with a driver and car service owner who happened to pick him up one day at a hotel. The man's humility and workaholic spirit touched him. He gave the driver buisness, referred his rich friends to the service, and even gave gifts to the driver's kids around holidays. Charity is one of his many jobs, as he enjoyed the sense of power and superiority it brings.

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