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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bob Greene

Last Saturday's Hot Jazz Saturday Night played a couple of songs from "Bob Greene, Bobby Gordon, Howard Alden Trio: All I Ask is Love" album from 2010. Whoa, it was so lovely! In an old fashioned way. (You have one week to listen to last week's program via Web streaming, and these songs begin at about 64 minutes into it.)

Unfortunately the album is on CD only and no MP3 for immediate download. There goes my instant gratification. (So spoiled.)

Meanwhile, I found a video of Bob Greene playing Mamie's Blues on YT. Again I was struck by how old fashioned his approach is to the melody. No fancy postmodern stuff. But the rhythm, OMG the rhythm! The slight delay in syncopation tickles me so bad --- I mean so good --- that I shiver with delight. I can listen to this all day...

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