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Sunday, January 27, 2013


"Since you claim you're sane, I have to ask you to leave."


很多年前看了一部电视剧 RAID,到现在还念念不忘。There is nothing like it in the world. 现在看的侦探系列剧 Vares 其实是很典型的 hard boiled 私人侦探小说典型,只是里面添加了很多芬兰成分。不少观众大呼受不了,我看的津津有味。

从这些神神叨叨的电视剧里就学会一个词儿: Perkele。 "Most likely the most powerful curseword ever created by mankind. Cannot be translated without loss. Versatile word that can be used alone or repeated indefinitely. Originally name of the thunder god. In the christian era used as a name of the Satan. Perkele is such a powerful word, because it includes both of these connotations and in addition is very often associated with 'sisu', the attitude of never ever giving up." 也就是说,神奇到没法翻译的程度。笑死人了。


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我不认识一个芬兰人,他们真的象影视剧里那样又冷又硬特别 tough 么?

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