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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Conversation (1974)

Oh my god the most heart-pounding, mind-blowing thriller I have seen in years. Just unbelieeeeeevable.

What the hell happened to Coppola? He was so fantastic. And then nothing. He kept flapping his arms and nothing came out. Yet once upon a time he was the master.

What the hell happened to American cinema?

I'm speechless. I'm damned speechless. How could anyone still have the nerves to make any movie about wiretapping after The Conversation?

And the music! It creeps me out! Amazing! It is not only David Shire's spine-chilling OST but also the Jazz pieces he littered throughout the movie. At one point I was, like, I know that one. Am I hallucinating? I know that one. In the end credits it came up --- Sophisticated Lady by Duke Ellington. Indeed, I did know that one.


talich said...

跟我看完 blowup 的感觉差不多。

Conversation 肯定是抄 blowup 的,所以我一直都没兴趣看它。虽然我承认,conversation 估计应该是很好看的片片

Jun said...

I've not seen Blowup. From the wiki entry it does not seem very similar to The Conversation.

There is also Brian de Palma's Blow Out, which I heard is very good and I intend to check out some time.

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