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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tabloid City

Heard an interview on the radio with the author Pete Hamil. The novel sounds interesting. I intend to look it up. But that is another matter.

I happened to glance at the excerpt from the book posted on Fresh Air Web page. Nuts to him! The first character, a 71-year-old newspaper editor, is named Briscoe. In the first page, Briscoe talks to a colleague, 51-year-old Logan. ARGH! Briscoe and Logan! Any die-hard fan of the TV series Law and Order would know by heart who they are! Lennie Briscoe & Mike Logan are the names of the most beloved pair of detectives in the history of the series, respectively played by the late and inimitable Jerry Orbach and a younger Chris Noth before he went on to Sex and the City.

Obviously, Pete Hamil is also a die-hard fan of Law and Order, old school. He has paid an homage to the series through his characters' names (with the first name changed). Hahahaha!

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