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Monday, February 24, 2014

Edward Hopper Impression (Aug 2013)

Whitney Museum: E 75th + Madison

Hopper, the sense of peeking into others' lives, no more than a peek, somewhere between knowing and not knowing, distance and intimacy. Staying in the space between a glimpse and a story.

Office at Night: Physically close but psychologically far away. The relative postures between the two people evolve over sketches and vary in suggestiveness.

The subject matters he chose reveal a deep curiosity over the hidden and private thoughts of people. The framing however hints at watching without involvement. A detached observer with an urge of plunging into the mystery.

"What are you after?"
"I'm after me." Hopper confessed.

The realism adds to the sense of confusion. Other modern works declare their intention "this is my subjective feeling and perception." He deceives you into thinking you are looking at a real scene and then distorts reality with mood.

Gazing at the golden light from a window while standing outside in the darkness. The half closed window, slightly lifted curtain. A photograph on the nightstand. The misty space between your mind and mine.

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