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Saturday, November 12, 2011

In The Loop

The dialogue! The dialogue!

去查了一下,天啊,五个人合起来写的对话,我立刻脑补画面:五个哥儿们躲在一间屋子里一边抽烟一边疯狂地互相 insult each other 一边编笑话,然后拍成电影。很久很久没听过这么密集的搞笑对话了。

很多地方让我联想起英国版 The Office,只是设定换到华盛顿DC和伦敦唐宁街,虽然人物都是 minister, congressmen 什么的,但无能和乱搞跟 The Office 一样。It would have been pure hilarity if it weren't also true.

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